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Welcome to Reikisoutheast, 
Emohruo is 
'our home' spelt backwards

Welcome to Reiki south east and our holistic centre known as Emohruo Health & Wellness Retreat. A place where you can rejuvenate & regenerate your entire physical, emotional and mental body. With over 35 years plus experience in the medical and modalities, there is no one more dual qualified and skilled to teach you than Reiki master Annemarie Slavin. Annemarie’s teaching abilities include but are not limited to the following: Reiki Master Energy Therapist Baby Bodytalk Therapist. Annemarie also has the following education and experience to support your needs in the centre: MA. in Childwelfare and Development MSc. Management & Leadership Development. Treble qualified as a Nurse, Midwife and Public Health Nurse.

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What My Customers Say

“Dear Anne-Marie, I just want to say thank you and let people know the amount of improvement in my daughter speech and behaviour. She is nearly four years old and has Austism. She suffered from constipation which resolved after the first session, her concentration definitely improved. the feedback a got from the creche was amazing. They had been very aware of the huge improvements in the concertatation and her effort in trying to pronounce words. Her behaviour of fustration and kicking her legs have ceased. Shauna
Shelly, Tipperary
“Just like to say thank you. Six months prior to receiving reiki I had been on strong pain killers and attending physio therapy for constant pain in my shoulder. Doctors said it was wear and tear and part of the process of getting older. After 3 sessions of reiki with Annmarie the pain was gone and the amount of movement in the shoulder 100% better. That was last year and because Annmarie has updated her website, after my maintenance reiki, asked me would I like to add a comment? Yes, I would love to Annmarie
Noirin, Clonmel,

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki Reiki moves your energy, it helps to recharge and energise your body, brings motivation, clarity and calmness to your mind and wellness and balance to your emotions. Reiki unblocks physical pain or unease in your body, reduces stress, gives direction, clarity and allows you to manage your outer world which might be chaotic. If you have symptoms with your physical body, mental health or emotional body, usually a course of reiki sessions (4/5sessions) are recommended.

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